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Handbags that Make you Beautiful and Secure? They are Here!

Posted on Jul 11, 2013 by in New Introductions & Innovations | 0 comments

Designer Concealed Carry handbagsDo you want to look stylish, carrying a chic handbag, and at the same time be well-armored? Well, your stylish handbag can carry hoards of weapons for your self-defense if it is by Designer Concealed Carry! The leading handbag manufacturer has introduced superb-looking handbags that can carry various arms, which you can take out anytime. These handbags can accommodate any size of handgun in an adjustable and removable holster.

The founder of the company, Kate Woolstenhulme, has an aim of making women feel secure along with looking beautiful and stylish, with a handbag that can safely secure a handgun. Woolsternhulme’s handbags are designed so beautifully that no one can ever think that there is a gun secured inside.

shoulder bag

Designer Concealed Carry Handbags has offered a method of concealing your handgun safely with a dedicated accessible exterior holster pocket which can shut and lock with the help of a zipper. The adjustable holster assures that the trigger is protected and the handgun stays inside in a proper position. Two locking zippers provide access to right or left handed users, thus not restricting left-handed users to wear the bags outside in.

genuine exotic skins

The interior of the handbag is equipped with a key hook, slots for business cards and hotel key, zipped pockets, three open pockets and a slim pocket for pens, and even loops to secure pepper spray and a baton flashlight. And there are more features. An exterior pocket for spare magazines and a holster pocket opening big enough for full frame guns offer on-duty law enforcement. Each of these bags provides adjustable shoulder straps so as to offer proper positioning of the holster pocket according to the individual’s size and height.

interior of shoulder bag

It was in 2009, that Kate Woolstenhulme launched her line of colorful and stylish handbags, designed to carry firearms, when there were only 2 or 3 famous brands available. She launched this latest line with a thought that just like her, any woman would want to wear a variety of colors and styles, in handbags which can carry self-defense weapons securely. This will now eliminate the need of carrying handguns in a standard handbag.   

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