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Goldfish-bowl Handbag – An Orange Storm in Water?

Posted on Jun 2, 2013 by in New Introductions & Innovations | 0 comments

goldfish-bowl bag2The students of the world-famous fashion school, the Central Saint Martin (which has given the fashion world personalities like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen) always try to do something that creates a storm; but this time an innovative design of a goldfish-bowl bag by one of the graduating students has created a real storm amongst animal-lovers.

The line of goldfish-bowl bags containing a live goldfish was introduced in the graduate show of the institute. The bags have been designed by a 23-year old student of the fashion school, Cassandra Verity Green.

goldfish-bowl bag

The bags have created a strong dislike among the members of an animal charity, RSPCA, who is of opinion that this time the institute, which is always known for pushing limits, has gone a step too far.   

A spokesperson of the animal charity has said that while it can be understood that it is necessary to create something sensational on the occasion of the graduate show for grabbing attention and headlines, using a live creature to create the sensational accessory makes people look at the creature as an ornament, rather than a living creature, which has an equal right to care and commitment as humans. Moreover, the design of the handbag can include poor quality of water and shortage of oxygen for the fish.

Willie Walters, the director of the course, said that when the designer student Cassandra Verity Green first proposed that she would use her own goldfish for the design, the matter was discussed for a long time regarding the comfort level of the fish. The fish were brought for the show in their regular bowls and then were regularly being placed back into them for feeding, between two catwalk runs.

Though the innovative bag design has given much name, fame and applause to Cassandra Verity Green, it couldn’t win her any prizes. Instead, Japanese student designer Mao Usami won the Young Designer of the Year award for her line of loungewear basics which include large-sized teddy bear jumpers.

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