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Fashion Week Handbags: Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 by in High-end Bags | 0 comments

featureHow can you see more of chic, new handbags with one model? A model loaded with 3-4 handbags at a time? No! Definitely not! How about a theme of traveling models, with many handbags carried by smartly uniformed porters? Yes, that was theme of Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Show, at Louvre, when a range of bags from furry bags to crocodile boxes, conventional suitcases and bags with long yak hair, were showcased, with the models, not to underestimate the importance of fashion ware, so to say.

The show started with the entry of a real locomotive, the Louis Vuitton Express, into the station, pulling a wagon of ladies wearing extra-large hats, and vintage clothes. And when they descended on the platform, they were promptly attended by porters who carried their bags, one porter for one model, though the porter carrying multiple bags, and even the model carried a bag sometimes, thus you could see minimum five trendy, smart (though overpriced) bags at  a time. 

Louis Vuitton manufacture is same since the 19th century and luggage is handmade since then. The products are known for their trendiness and durability, which was revealed in this show too. Many products feature the signature Monogram and Damier Canvas, which were also seen here, in form of superb fur-detailed bags.

LV sells its products through their own stores to maintain quality and pricing and prevent counterfeiting. It also sells products through its website 

 models and porters

porterwith 3 bags and model



huge box

orange fur-detailed

red leather

red round

red-bordered studded

white furry


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