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Hermes Evelyne iii Pm Bags – Useful Buying Tips

Posted on Dec 27, 2014 by in Handbag Fashion Tips |

blueUnlike olden times when a handbag was a useful thing to hold money, papers, and other necessary items you needed during travel, today handbags have become a fashion accessory that denotes how stylish you are. It should complement your outfit, shoes and overall personality. It is a fact that some women just cannot leave home without an awesome handbag. Hermes Evelyne iii pm bag is today’s hottest accessory.

3 Generations of Evylene

Hermes Evelyne iii pm is a crossbody shoulder bag which features the iconic “H” logo of Hermes on its front. 3 generations of Evylene have been introduced till now – the first generation is Evylene I which doesn’t have external pocket. The second generation is Evelyne II which has external pocket. Evylene III is the third generation which sports a modifiable canvas strap and an external pocket.


There are four sizes in Evylene bags, TPM, PM, GM and TGM. However not all these sizes and colors are currently produced. The most popular size is PM which is neither too small nor too big.


Popularity of Evelyne iii

Hermes Evylene iii pm bag is getting more and more popular amongst the celebs and fashionistas who love to sport this bag in their casual time. The reasons are:

  1. First reason of the popularity of Evylene iii is its flawless quality for which even Kate Walsh loves to wear one. The brown bag of the celeb is quite heavily loaded and is still unbreakable. This tells a lot about the Taurillon Clemence leather of the bag.
  2. Second reason is the design of the bag. Same as most of the timeless bags by Hermes, the Evylene iii too is designed quite simple and streamlined, featuring a strong, long shoulder strap. The front of the bag features the well-known H in a circle denoting Hermes.

Where to Buy

At you get every detail exactly identical to the Hermes Evelyne III PM. It is just impossible to spot the difference. Look at their wonderful creations in the images given here.brown


The highly experienced and trained designers at create a bag with the exactly same stitching and specs like that of an original bag. Two main things that distinguish the authentic bag from the replica are the canvas strap and the external pocket, which they duplicate accurately. Moreover the authentic bag features rolled edges while the poorly created replicas normally feature an oil coated edge that is easily noticeable and very unpleasant to look at. At you can be sure to get just the exact copies of Hermes Evylene iii pm bags with which you can make a style statement!