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Bora Aksu and Bracher Emden’s New Fabulous Handbags

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 by in Casual Handbags | 0 comments

feature Bora-Aksu-Bracher bags

The 1st day of the London Fashion Week held in February ­(Spring 2012) had been marked by a fabulous handbag line launch created by an alliance of two celebrated designers, Bora Aksu and Bracher Emden! However the new handbags hit the stores just recently and are available in pleasant pastel shades and with chunky piping in various beautiful patterns. They are made in super-soft leather, making the wearer feel great while holding them.

Aksu’s words for the bags are ‘Romantic with a darker twist’! Since his graduation from Central St Martins, Bora Aksu has maintained his major position on the British fashion market. Though he has not emerged as the most talked-about star, he has maintained a consistency as a professional designer and has earned the respect of his fellow designers and fashion editors. This is endorsed when Dolce & Gabbana purchased the entire debut line of the designer.

Richard Emden is the founder and creative director of Bracher Emden since 2002. He has earned reputation as designer of innovative and feminine bags, along with other accessories and the new line which he has brought in alliance with Bora Aksu follows the same trend.

Prices of the bags have been kept in the range of 200 to 500 pounds ($306.50 to $766.25) and so price-conscious crowd can heave a sigh of relief that they can wear these utterly stylish bags without incurring a huge load on their pockets!

The bags are available in  two styles, totes and clutches, in pleasant colors such as butter yellow, aubergine, taupe, pale grey, ink black, coral red and forest green. The collection has already caught the attention of celebrities including Olivia Palermo, Rita Ora and Beyonce!

The bags are available for sale on the Designers Accessory space on the lower ground floor, and also at Just take a look at the gorgeous collection! 

Bora Aksu Bracher clutches

Bora Aksu Bracher red clutch

Bora Aksu Bracher totes

Bora Aksu Bracher green tote

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